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Exploring modular builds

Modular building or offsite construction has been touted as a solution or part of a solution to the current housing crisis[1]. With the promise of factory quality and reduced construction time on site, the benefits to this option are clear.

WHL have been aware of modular homes for sometime and felt it warranted further investigation to see if this approach to construction is a viable  option for the future development programme of high quality homes to local people on the housing register.

WHL have been working with LHC[2]  and the parameters of their framework to co-ordinate factory visits to two providers in the South East Area.  Development Officer, Holly Messenger has written a short blog on their two day modular factory road trip.

Day One

Our day started early with multiple pickups but eventually we were on our way to Wales to visit F1 Modular the first stop on our modular provider road trip.

Upon arrival at F1 we were given a tour of the factory. Unfortunately there were no houses being constructed at the time of our tour but it was interesting to see the capabilities of the  factory and examples of what has previously been produced. What is truly amazing is the quality of the construction within the factory.

We left F1 Modular full of ideas en route to a night stopover in Cirencester where dinner was full of discussions of the modular factory we had just seen and how the LHC frameworks work.

Day Two

The second day of our road trip was another early start as we made our way to Dorest the home of Rollalong.

During our tour of Rollalong we were lucky enough to see the completion of an order of modular flats. It was interesting to see the difference stages of the production and then the finished modules stacked in the yard waiting to the delivered to site. It is such a shift the building industry that it is hard to imagine that once these modules have been delivered to site it takes only six to eight weeks to finish the construction. There is so much scope to change the face of construction using this approach. The innovation is truly something to behold and for WHL it is certainly worth further consideration. Watch this space to hear further updates on our journey to modular construction.

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[2] LHC is a leading provider of free-to-use framework agreements used by local authorities, social landlords and other public sector bodies to procure works, products and services for the construction, refurbishment and maintenance of social housing and public buildings.