Peach Place

In 2019 ownership of these 22 one and two bedroom apartments will transfer to WHL’s sister organisation Berry Brook Homes who will be the landlord for these brand new key worker homes.

The new apartments in Greys Court and Silk Court and are located above the new Peach Place shopping plaza in the centre of Wokingham town, providing the very best of town centre living.

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Peach Place Plaza

Peach Place Plaza forms part of a programme of significant regeneration to Wokingham Town Centre.  This metropolitan, pedestrianised square will offer residents the very best of drinking, dining and retail outlets.

As a resident of the new homes at Peach Place you will benefit from the entire regeration programme. On your door step you will have a host of recreational activities such as:

– Boutique cinema
– Town centre supermarket
– Bowling
– Revitalised swimming and leisure facilities
– Large town centre playground

What is Key Worker Housing?

Key worker housing is a type of affordable rent that provides a more financially accessible option for key workers living or working in the Borough.
Each year a number of these properties can be made available through housing associations and other local housing companies to provide a rental option for key workers. Rent at these properties will typically be at 80% or below of local market rates.

Further information about key worker housing can be found in the Berry Brook Homes Guide to key worker housing.

Who qualifies as a key worker?

Full details of who qualifies as a key worker can be found in the Berry Brook Homes Guide to key worker housing.  A key worker is split into two priority categories and is typically a public sector employee who is considered to provide an essential service or other “essential” workers whose employment supports the local economy.

Priority one

A list of “essential” services can be found in the key worker housing guide.

Priority two

This priority relates to lower income workers who are vital to the support of the local economy such as other public or private sector employees of other bodies operating in the public sector subject to the relevant body being able to demonstrate that the industry’s national wage structure is such that its employees are unable to afford to rent or to buy homes on the open market within the Borough – for example, care workers or nursery staff.



How do I apply for key worker housing?

To apply for key worker housing in Wokingham you need to register your details with the Council’s Housing Needs team, this can be done by visiting the Wokingham Bourough Council website or by emailing calling 0118 974 6000.